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Ansa Borima: a successful story

12 Aprile 2018 0 Comments news
Just four years after the opening of the production site in Bulgaria, the Ansa Compositi Group sums up the first big results, proud of its work and sure of a future full of great opportunities.   During the first years of the crisis that has hit all the advanced economies of the world, the Ansa Compositi Group has decided to reformulate its corporate strategy in view of the challenges that would inevitably arise before it, deciding to become the promoter of a new model business and strengthening its market position. One of the first fruits of this drive for change was the birth of a production site in Bulgaria, near the small town of Borima.   Speaking with Sandro Zonetti, administrator along with his sister Antonella of the family businesses, this vocation for change is immediately clear: “For over fifty years we have been active in the field of plastic molding and we supply the largest European and world industrial companies.; this supply activity has taught us, in my opinion, one of the greatest qualities of doing business: flexibility“. “Flexibility” should be understood in its noblest meaning, namely the ability to adapt to external stress and then, if necessary, also return to the original form, and precisely the ductility was the key to this expected success: “The opening of new production sites and even greater specialization have allowed us to increase our competitiveness and thus win the daily challenges that the market has placed“.   This has created a production site with high potential, also thanks to the operative choices coordinated by all the company management: a mix of the indisputable Italian quality standard and the greater economic competitiveness derived from the reduced operating cost of Bulgaria, an inseparable combination mainly in those work that is now difficult to produce in Italy.   Going into more detail, each new proposal is launched by the Italian headquarters, where qualified professionals with over thirty years of experience in the sector, design and industrialize the production process; exclusively as a result of this testing phase, production can be transferred to other Italian or European locations. This is not a delocalization, but above all, a strategy of integration into new markets: “For years now Ansa Compositi has an international vocation, many of our biggest customers are groups operating all over the world; the more an industrial reality is able to speak to a multiplicity of interlocutors, the more it will have the power to be competitive on the market. Therefore we aspire to offer a service that is measurable not only in economic terms but above all as added value: planning and making available to all contents, initiatives, experiences and possibilities designed to meet their needs and our objectives at the same time“.   The Ansa Compositi Group, thanks to its solid roots in the Italian manufacturing industry, will increasingly focus on “creating value” as a strategic lever to strengthen competitiveness,  a path that is sustainable, lasting and that will continue to make people talk about itself in the future.   ANSA BORIMA IN NUMBERS – 10,500m² of covered area of 30,000m² in Bulgaria; – shearing presses from 10 to 250 Tons.; – injection molding and compression presses from 35 to 750 Tons.; – quality laboratory (3D optical measuring machines, altimeters, durometers, precision scales, micrometers, colorimeters, etc.); – 5 lines dedicated to industrial assembly; – 260 employees (180 in 2014); – 120 hours of training per year.


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