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Molding of thermosetting polymers

12 Aprile 2018 0 Comments news
Thermosetting polymers are particular polymers that once produced can not be remelted without going through a complete and definitive chemical degradation. The thermosetting materials are processed to arrive at a finished product in two phases: in the first phase the polymer chains are created, while in the subsequent molding phase – which is represented by a heating or a catalyzed chemical reaction – the polymer chains are reticulated. The techniques that can be used for the molding of thermosetting polymers in the Ansa Compositi factories are: – Compression molding: carried out by subjecting the still non-crosslinked polymer to compression and heating – Injection molding: unlike the injection molding process of thermoplastic polymers, injection molding for thermosetting materials is carried out by heating. For over fifty years the Ansa Compositi Group has been dealing with molds and molding of thermosetting materials for many italian and international industries; thanks to this experience we offer advice on metal replacement (replacement of metals with technopolymer components), mold design and molding of critical parts.


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