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Differences between thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

12 Aprile 2018 0 Comments news
Thermoplastic and thermosetting materials can be divided according to the “behavior” they assume in relation to heat. Thermosetting materials: thanks to their processing by heat and pressure they are affected by variations that permanently change their nature. After having made the object through molding machines, if the material is heated, it carbonises and is no longer reusable. Thermoplastic materials: with the processing, the material doesn’t suffer any inalterable modification, and everytime it will be heated, it will be reusable. Therefore, between the two products there’s a significant difference regarding how they react to heat, a feature that it’s crucial in the selection of the material according to its final destination. The Ansa Compositi Group, thanks to the consolidated experience of over 50 years as a market leader, is the technological partner able to contribute to the selection of the most appropriate materials.


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