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The value of precision in the molding activities (thermoplastic and thermosetting)

12 Aprile 2018 0 Comments news
Precision: – Being precise; exactness, meticulousness in doing something, in formulating one’s own thought; – In experimental sciences and technique, the more or less high degree with which, in carrying out the experience or workmanship, one approaches the pre-established conditions. (Treccani Dictionary) Every company operating on the market, regardless of whether it deals with the molding of plastics or another sector, must be able to offer the best standards and certainties to its partners. In every market segment, the Ansa Compositi Group distinguishes itself from its competitors. For over 50 years active in the production of molds and molding of thermoplastic and thermosetting products, has placed at he hearts of its work the achievement of reliability and accuracy of its workings, followed by a lot of attention in providing an incomparable support, continuous internal training and innovative solutions able to make the difference.


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